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Sponsor Ducksoup Gaming

We hope you're enjoying your time with Ducksoup Gaming. Our goal is to have a community that brings casual and serious gamers together in an environment focused on having fun. In order to help pay the bills we offer a few sponsorship packages that you can purchase. By purchasing one of these packages we provide several benefits as a "thank you", however, we will never sell in-game advantages. Sponsors often have better prizes to choose from when we do hold contests/tournaments.

Team Fortress 2 Benefits

  • A reserved slot on our community servers. Instant connections to our servers even when they're full.
  • Pick from many colours to customize your name and text chat with. You'll also have access to the !rainbowize command for those extra special nights.
  • Immunity from the team auto-balancer. The team you start with is the team you end with; for better or worse. (However, nobody is immune to the team-scrambler when it is used)
  • Immunity from the high ping kicker. Now you can keep playing even when someone is watching Netflix.
  • Nominate maps that appear in the vote and added to our servers. Have a direct role in what maps we play.
  • Download all of our custom maps in one large file. You'll be in the map before it's cool.

Mumble Benefits

  • Create your own temporary channels in our Mumble server.

Website Benefits

  • A super shiny @ducksoupgaming.com email address powered by Google Apps. You'll get to keep this for life.
  • Access to "The Clubhouse" hidden forum. The place where the real talk happens.
  • A fancy banner under your avatar showing how generous you are.
  • Unlock the ability to give yourself a user-title.
  • Plus many more increased abilities site-wide.

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Although there's no additional benefits, such as the items listed above, we also welcome donations of any amount. Click here to donate.