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Awesomenauts DSG 2013 Tourney #1: Awesomenauts

Discussion in 'Events & Tournaments' started by Rituro, Dec 19, 2012.

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  1. Rituro

    Rituro Critwrencha Site Mod / Admin Sponsor

    Rituro Presents:

    It's like a Saturday morning cartoon gone MOBA -- it's Awesomenauts! (cue guitar solo)



    Registration Opens: December 19th
    Registration Closes: January 5th Max Entrants Reached!
    Minimum Entrants: 6
    Maximum Entrants: 18

    Please post the following when registering for the tournament:
    1. Steam Name
    2. Awesomenauts Level & League (look in the top-left corner of the game's main menu)
    3. Pre-Bracket Tier (see below)
    4. First- & Second-Choice Characters

    (Basically, this allows us to handicap the field and try and balance the teams. It won't be perfect but it should help us avoid having one team of well-seasoned vets curbstomp the competition.)

    Tier I - "I have played ten or more hours of Awesomenauts."
    Tier II - "I have played between two and ten hours of Awesomenauts."
    Tier III - "I have played less than two hours of Awesomenauts."

    Tournament Format

    Tournament Begins: January 7th
    Tournament Ends: February 1st

    Each match will be contested over three rounds on randomly chosen battlefields. The first team to win two rounds will win the match. After each round, a screencap (F12 or whatever Steam is bound to) of the final scoreboard must be taken to verify the results. The two (or three) screencaps should then be posted or linked to in the match reporting thread.

    Each team plays one match against each other team over the first three weeks. In the fourth and final week, the top two teams move on to the best-of-three-matches final.

    Tournament Champions: All Ducksoup Gaming sponsors on the winning team will receive their choice of Awesomenauts skin. All non-sponsors will receive a complimentary month of sponsorship courtesy of Rituro.

    Tournament MVP: At the conclusion of the tournament, each player will privately vote on whom they feel was the best player of the tournament. Players are not permitted to vote for themselves. The top four candidates will be shortlisted onto a public poll, with the winner determined by simple vote. The winning candidate shall receive their choice of either an Awesomenauts skin, the Awesomenauts soundtrack or a small Steam game of their choosing ($5 or less).



    1. Rituro (II)
    2. The Dread Pirate Jabu (I)
    3. 2die Merry (I)
    4. kae (I)
    5. Cow (III)
    6. Inkster (I)
    7. Ken|domo| (I)
    8. Brayconn (II)
    9. CMAvelis (I)
    10. walterwalterwalter (III)
    11. programzeta (III)
    12. MrScaryMuffin (III)
    13. Hungry (I)
    14. Turnip (III)
    15. Fuzz-Grunge (III)
    16. Bat Outta Hell (III)
    17. Rincewind (I)
    18. JMB (III)

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  2. Rituro

    Rituro Critwrencha Site Mod / Admin Sponsor

    1. Rituro
    2. 24, League 9
    3. Tier II
    4. Gnaw and Froggy G
  3. The Dread Pirate Jabu

    The Dread Pirate Jabu I Arrrr a Pirate

    Two quick recommendations I feel I should make.

    1. I'm thinking you should spread the tiers out a bit more. I'm not the best DSer, but I've played well over 250 hours in the game (119 in steam, somewhere between 100 and 200 on consoles before it came out on steam)

    2. I don't see anything like this mentioned in your post, but I'd definitely recommend doing if not a straight up draft pick for nauts, then at the very least let people see who they're going to be facing against before the loudouts are locked in. There are many reasons including certain nauts being much stronger against some than others, but the primary one is that certain loadouts help people handle traditionally dominant nauts. (E.G. Clunk is MUCH better if the enemy team didn't take HP)

    1. The Dread Pirate Jabu
    2. 57 (Prestige6), League 2-3
    3. Tier I
    4. Clunk, Lonestar(If I could pick more than 2 I'd say Derpl then everyone :p)

    EDIT: Another recommendation to any competitors, you may want to hold off on hitting that prestige button again before the tourney is over :wink:
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  4. SuprAwkTrtle

    SuprAwkTrtle Well-Known Member

    1. 2die Merry
    2. level 63, league 3 ish
    3. Tier 1
    4. 1st choice: Leon, 2nd choice: Gnaw
  5. kae

    kae You're Welcome :)

    1. kae
    2. Level 82 (or whatever the highest is) Prestige 5, League 2
    3. I
    4. Voltar, Coco (I don't care which order, and I play others too)

    I'd say a draft would be a better solution... time is a poor indicator :)
  6. Cow

    Cow Cow Is Kredit To Team! Sponsor Admin Emeritus

    I'll sign up if you need more people. If not, then I can step aside.

    1. Cow
    2. Heh
    3. Tier III
    4. I should probably buy the game when it goes on sale over Christmas :)
    (then practice intensely)
  7. Inkster

    Inkster I had something for this... Sponsor

    1) Inkster
    2) Level 88, League 1- 2
    3) Tier I
    4) Umm shoot, Raelynn, Lonestar, I guess

    [Edit: bumped down to league 2 T__T]
  8. Rituro

    Rituro Critwrencha Site Mod / Admin Sponsor

    Winter Sale: Awesomenauts is 50% off! If you don't have it, now's a great time to buy.
  9. Kendomo

    Kendomo Rainbow Afro Site Mod / Admin

    1. Ken|domo|
    2. 66 & 9
    3. I
    4. Lonestar - Skolldir
  10. Cow

    Cow Cow Is Kredit To Team! Sponsor Admin Emeritus

    Done! :)
  11. Brayconn

    Brayconn The Helpful Pyro Sponsor

    1. Brayconn
    2. 20, league 9
    3. Tier II
    4. "Voltar" and "Vinnie and Spike"
  12. CMAvelis

    CMAvelis Well-Known Member

    1. CMAvelis
    2. Lvl 39, League 9 (not sure why?)
    3. Tier I
    4. Derpl, Froggy G ( I play them all at this point)
  13. walterwalterwalter

    walterwalterwalter Sinking to the bottom with you Sponsor Admin Emeritus

    1. walterwalterwalter
    2. huh?
    3. III
    4. huh?

    I get it, but I just started playing this morning. I'll update this later when I actually get a little time under my belt.
  14. Rituro

    Rituro Critwrencha Site Mod / Admin Sponsor

    Winter Sale Alert: Awesomenauts is 66% off! The sale lasts for another seven hours. Can you afford to miss the chance to get Awesomenauts for less than $4? You sure can't!

    Also Football Manager 2013 is 50% off for another hour.
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  15. kae

    kae You're Welcome :)

    Even if you don't compete... the game is more than worth the 4 bucks
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  16. The Dread Pirate Jabu

    The Dread Pirate Jabu I Arrrr a Pirate

    I wholeheartedly agree with Kae. The sale's almost over, but even if you missed it, this game is in my top 5 games of the year, and I'm massively obsessed with it. Even at half price (the price it's at outside of the flash sale) it's a steal.
  17. programzeta

    programzeta Shitty Wizard Site Mod / Admin Sponsor

    1. programzeta
    2. ?
    3. III
    4. ?
  18. The Dread Pirate Jabu

    The Dread Pirate Jabu I Arrrr a Pirate

    We only need 1 more for 4 teams! Come on guys, lets do this!
  19. MrScaryMuffin

    MrScaryMuffin Totoro Nunchuks Admin Emeritus

    I'll join...give me a week to learn the game
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  20. Hungry

    Hungry The Boss Admin Emeritus

    1. Hungry
    2. Lvl 48, League 9
    3. Tier I
    4. Lonestar, Raelynn
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