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Left 4 Dead November 19th Update

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Giga, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Giga

    Giga Octopuddi Admin Emeritus

    Blog post.

    Wooo! Methinks we need to have a Realism VS match soon. Anything that makes the infected more dangerous in versus is fine by me.
  2. Rad Lionheart

    Rad Lionheart Charlotte Gonna Eat Your Head

    I'm down for that, I don't get much chance to play L4D2.
  3. Owosso

    Owosso Digital Somalian

    Methinks Valve needs to endorse the confogl mod, because it is way fucking better than "Realism Versus." Actually makes L4D2 a competitively-viable game. It's more about a tougher and balanced experience than "lol hardcore."
    And I really like the glow change. It always sucks for a tank to be going after a red guy, only to find he's loaded with adrenaline and carrying a molotov. :(
  4. Giga

    Giga Octopuddi Admin Emeritus

    True, but I doubt Valve wants to cut out several weapons for the sake of more of a challenge. I'd personally prefer it if the infected were strong enough that that wasn't necessary, since I enjoy the T2 weapons.
  5. Zambler

    Zambler -______-

    Oh shit, no wonder the servers weren't working, lol.
    Should be updated now.